Cb Passive Income Review

Take a look at my Cb Passive Income review below to find out how I got on using it.

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I should warn you, the price that you pay at the beginning is not the end.

They have a handful of up sell going on inside the members area, which is very annoying.

I want the price I see to be the price I pay and I get the whole system.

So you should note this down so that it will not annoy you too.

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Cb Passive Income Review

First when you login you will get the welcome area message.

To get started you will need to read the PDF training guide.

The good news is that they are not too long and they are informative.

They do get straight down to the main points.

The start is pretty basic and tells you how to get set up on Click Bank, many of you will already have done this step.

Then you learn how to set up your squeeze pages and how important they are in order to build up your money email list.

Basically, you only need to send traffic to the passive income links.

Do not worry, they show you how to get this traffic.

You can get:

  • Paid Traffic
  • Free Traffic

They go into details about how you can get both quickly for the lowest spend possible.

The paid traffic goes into a lot of details about Bing Ads and Solo Ads.

The free traffic options are pretty obvious and come from pretty much all social media platforms.

Next you will need to choose something to promote.

One of the up sell options is where you can buy access to their list of subscribers.

The system does work, but like I say, the downside is all the up sell they do.

Can you make money back on your investment, yes you can.

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